St Mary's RC Primary School, Newport

Senedd Launch Year 4 to Year 6


               St Mary’s School Senedd

We have very exciting plans for developing the role of Pupil Voice in helping make St Mary’s one of the best schools in Wales. As Christians we believe that children should not only be involved in making decisions about school life, but also be involved in helping and supporting the local community and the wider world.


This leaflet will provide you with information about how we will achieve this aim as you support your child who will be part of the St Mary’s Senedd.


What is St Mary’s Senedd?

All pupils and staff in the school are members of St Mary’s Senedd. This means that they will have rights and responsibilities in helping our school to be the best possible for learning, playing and praying together. We also try to follow the ways of Jesus by extending our responsibilities to the local community and the wider world.

The Senedd is made up of 12 Assembly Groups and will include all pupils from Year 4 to Year 6. A member of staff will facilitate each group and the groups will meet fortnightly.


What is The Cabinet?

All Assembly groups elect two Assembly Ministers to represent them at a fortnightly meeting with Mrs Evans. These are the Chair and Secretary of each Assembly Group. The Cabinet hears feedback about the progress made by all the Assembly groups within the previous month and provides support and gives impartial advice on current targets. Decisions can be made by the Cabinet that support or overrule Assembly group plans.













St Mary’s Senedd 2018


To provide a lead in matters related to the Eco schools programme, including:

  • Ensuring we remain a green school
  • Maintain an energy efficient school
  • Responsible for recycling around the school
  • Research new initiatives.



To provide a lead in matters related to the school’s mission, including:

  • Observance of school mission statement
  • Behaviour policy
  • School rules
  • Anti-bullying
  • Ensure we are a fair trade school


Healthy Schools

To provide a lead in matters related to healthy living, including:

  • Gaining Healthy Schools Award
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Access to drinking water
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • Health related advice



To provide a lead in matters related to school curriculum, including:

  • Developing the four core purposes and preparing the school for the new welsh curriculum
  • Learning strategies and techniques.


Learning Spaces and Safety

To provide a lead in matters related to learning spaces and school outdoor areas, including:

  • Play equipment
  • Storage of equipment
  • Safety checking of outdoor equipment and areas
  • Maintenance of equipment.
  • Outdoor learning areas
  • H & S learning walks



To provide a lead in matters related to the school chaplaincy, including:

  • Pupil Profile
  • Planning and setting up of collective worship spaces
  • Planning and assisting with prayer/ assemblies
  • Co-ordinate links with parish
  • Organise visits to St Mary’s Church
  • Organise visits for Parish Priest to come to school.


Digital Learning

To provide a lead in matters related to digital learning, including:

  • Assistance and support with hardware
  • App and software advice/ teaching
  • Keep up to date records of digital equipment
  • Ensure all devices remain in working order, updated and accessible.


Criw Cymraeg

To provide a lead in matters related to The Welsh Language, heritage and culture, including:

  • Promote the use of Welsh within the school
  • Development of Cwricwlwm Cymraeg through teaching and learning activities
  • Lead on Eisteddfod
  • Support the school the working towards attainment of Cymraeg Campus accreditation


Communication and Enterprise

To provide a lead in matters related to communication, enterprise and publicity, including:

  • School newsletter
  • Twitter
  • Press releases
  • Link with parents and other stakeholders
  • Links with media
  • School promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Enterprise schemes.


Sports Ambassadors

To provide a lead in matters related to sports provision within the school, including:

  • Sports ambassador training
  • Sports clubs
  • PE Curriculum & enrichment activities
  • PE equipment and storage maintenance.


Well Being

To provide a lead in matters related to pupil and staff wellbeing, including:

  • Quiet areas
  • Peer mediators
  • PSE & RSE curriculum
  • Playtime activities


Mini Vinnies

To provide a lead in matters related to Mini Vinnies, including:

  • Set up a Mini Vinnies group
  • Share with school the actions of the Mini Vinnie group





Your child has brought home an application form for an Assembly Group position. He/ she learnt about the plans for St Marys Senedd during today’s assembly. Please spend a little time with your child identifying skills and talents they could bring to one of the groups listed above and support them in completing the application form to the best of their ability. Please also help your child to choose two alternative groups should he/she be unsuccessful in gaining a place in their first choice.

This form must be completed and returned to the class teacher by Tuesday 25th September.

Children will be informed of their Assembly group w/b 1st October.

Year 6 children will also be encouraged to stand for First Minister and Deputy First Minister. They will be responsible for running cabinet meetings throughout the year. They will need to give a campaign speech to the school during assembly and then the school will vote for the First Minister and Deputy.

*If you have any skills of talents that you would like to share with us, to help us in our exciting, new venture, please contact a member of staff.