Parent Partnership

Home and School - Working in Partnership

Cantref a’r Ysgol- Gweithio mewn Partneriaeth

We believe that effective communication between home and school is essential if children are to achieve their true potential. When children join St. Mary’s we ask parents/carers to sign the Home-School Agreement – this is an important commitment towards working together for the good of your child.


We will keep you well informed about your child throughout each year and we value your interest and support. At the beginning of each school year, parents are invited to a meeting with the teachers and other staff in their child’s year group. This is an opportunity for parents and staff to meet, and for teachers to establish expectations for the year ahead. At this time parents are also given a year group handbook, containing relevant information.

During the autumn and spring terms there are Parent Consultations’ to discuss children’s progress. At the end of the school year we provide a comprehensive written report for all pupils. Parents are offered any opportunity to discuss these reports with the class teacher.

We offer a class ‘Open Morning’ in each year, which includes an assembly led by the children and a chance for parents to spend some time in their child’s class and sharing their learning. Other families members are also very welcome to attend.

Meetings and workshops may be held for parents through the year, offering information on areas such as the curriculum, e safety, new initiatives, and advice how you can support your child at home.


Each child has a School Planner that goes back and forth between home and school. The planner is an effective means for informal messages and notes to be shared between home and school.

We also operate an open door policy and encourage parents to contact the school immediately if they have any concerns or queries related to their child in school. We have an identified member of support staff who acts as our ‘Family Liaison Officer’. This is Mrs Jayne Morgan, and she is available before and after school each day on the school playground for parents to ask any questions or raise any minor concerns. If parents wish to see the class teacher, you may be able to do this informally at the beginning or end of the school day.

Parents can request a meeting with their child’s class teachers by contacting them directly. If you wish to speak with a senior member of staff or the headteacher you are warmly invited to school to make an appointment if we are not immediately available to meet you. Appointments can be made by telephoning the school office.   


Newsletters are sent home at the start of each month, and other letters and documents containing important information are sent home regularly to ensure parents are fully up-to-date with the necessary information. Parents can register to receive these electronically  - this seems to be the most reliable method to ensure that all information actually gets to parents. Alternately parents can request paper copies that will travel home by ‘pupil post’. Please read all information that is sent home from school and note the items that are relevant to you and your child. Each half term a group of Year 6 pupils compose a ‘News Crew’ leaflet that is also sent home. This contains information about what has been going on in school over term from the children’s point of view. Please take time to read this with your child as it is always an exciting read.


Please note – the school does not communicate with parents/carers via the school’s e mail account. If parents wish to contact the school they should telephone the school office or send in a letter.