Governing Body


Through the Vision, Mission Statement and Aims, the Governing Body (GB) attempt to ensure that all the children at the school are given the opportunity to develop their unique talents to benefit themselves, the school and wider community.

Governors are responsible for the general direction of the school's policies on organisation and curriculum. In Voluntary Aided schools the Foundation Governors are appointed directly by the Archdiocese of Cardiff. They have responsibility for the use of the school premises during out of school hours.

The Governing Body is the employer of staff. Governors also determine the times of the school hours, and the dates and times of the school sessions and school holidays. The GB agrees the annual budget and has the task of appointing all teaching and non-teaching staff. The Governing Body determines the Admissions Policy of the school, after consultation with neighbouring Admissions Authorities.  This and other information about the school is contained in the School Prospectus.

The full Governing Body usually meets a minimum of six times per year, twice each term. The Headteacher reports on how she has discharged her responsibilities. The minutes of the meetings, when approved, are published and become the official record of the manner in which the Governing Body has dis­charged its responsibilities. The published minutes are available for inspection at the school, as is all documentation.

To be effective, regular visits to the school take place by members of the GB, with opportunities to share training and link closely with members of staff and their areas of responsibility. They are also directly involved in self evaluation processes.

Members of the GB are linked to specific areas of school life, e.g. health and safety, attendance, governor training, additional educational needs, equalities, curriculum areas. The Link Governors meet each term with the relevant members of staff to discuss this area in more detail and gain a more in-depth understanding. Link Governors then feedback to the full GB in their meetings.

The GB also operates a system of sub-committees, reporting to the full GB each term. Each sub-committee manages, supports and oversees different areas of school life at St. Mary’s.


 Governors of St. Mary's Primary School

Type of Governor

Name of Governor

Foundation Governor  Chair

Mr M Wiltshire

Foundation Governor  Vice-chair

Mrs J Stanford

Foundation Governor

Mr A Quinn

Foundation Governor

Mr D Champs

Foundation Governor

Mrs A Alonzi

Foundation Governor

Mrs P Tempest

Foundation Governor

Dr J Abbey

Foundation Governor

Mr P Durkin

Foundation Governor

Mr M Wiltshire


Mrs D Evans

Teacher Governor

Miss J Thomas

Staff Governor

Mr D Richardson

Parent Governor

Mr M Doverman

Parent Governor

Mrs M Lewis

LEA Representative

Cllr D Fouweather

LEA Representative

Cllr C Ferris


Mr P Lambert


Governing Body Annual Report Summary   

Governors' Annual Report to Parents 2015-2016