St Mary's RC Primary School, Newport

Growth Mindset Launch


Change your words

Change your mindset!    

Today we launched our new exciting initiative: Growth Mindset.  We have learnt about the importance of failing and learning from our mistakes; about persevering and realising that some things take time and effort to learn. These are all important skills to succeed in life.

The links below will explain what Growth Mindset is, and how it can help us as we learn at school, and through the rest of our adult lives. There are also some links to videos about inspirational people and characters who have shown persistence when facing challenges, and achieved success as a result of this.

Please ask your children about the activities they have taken part in today, and new things they have learnt about.




Growth Mindset

Whole School





Famous failures





Whole School

tortoise and the hare







Foundation Phase

Stick at it Scrat



Mrs Evans

Acting Head Teacher