St Mary's RC Primary School, Newport

Writing Competition









As part of Eisteddfod and to celebrate the fantastic writing skills of the children in our school we are excited to launch our

 ‘Writing Competition 2016’

A group of children have worked with Miss Scrivens to think of a fun idea for each year group based on current or previous topics.


Competition rules:

  • Entries must be submitted by Friday 26th February.
  • Entries should be original (not copied from someone), interesting and exciting.
  • You can present it in any way:
  • Handwritten
  • Using a computer/word processor
  • On USB stick/pen drive
  • You will need to pick a ‘Pen Name’ for yourself and use this on your entry rather than your actual name – you will need to remember your choice of ‘Pen Name’. Using a Pen Name will keep your entry anonymous!
  • There will be lots of books for prizes.
  • All entries will be judged by your child’s class teacher and Miss Scrivens.











Describe this fairy tale hero and villain (see attached sheet). Use the lines to write about what the character might be doing.
Or Why not have a go at creating your own?

  • Remember all the exciting describing words you have learnt in Reception this year.

Year 1

Create a “Who am I?” fact file for an interesting animal.

  • Remember what you have learnt about what is needed in a Fact File.

Year 2

Imagine that you have been stranded on a deserted island and you have one chance to send a message in a bottle.

  • Try to include some details about how you got stranded, how you are managing to survive on the island and what the problems are and why you want to be rescued. You can present your work in whatever way you wish.

Year 3

You have been reading “How the World Began”. Imagine you are the main character in the story and you are creating a new world with an instrument of your choice. Write about one of the days you created something.

  • Think about all of the descriptive language and similes you have been using in class this term.

Year 4

Imagine you are a travel agent persuading tourists to visit Kutaisi by creating a travel guide.

  • Remember all the interesting things you have learnt about Kutaisi this year.

Year 5

Describe this beautiful scene in Wales using 500 words or less (see attached sheet).

  • Remember what you have learnt about descriptive writing.

Year 6

Use your imagination to write an exciting story or poem that has a dragon in it using 500 words or less.

  • Remember to think about everything you have learnt about how to write a good story.