St Mary's RC Primary School, Newport

Eco School


We have achieved the 3rd Green Flag for Eco Schools and we are currently working towards our Platinum award in April 2016.

Here at St Mary's we pride ourselves in doing all we can to help sustain the environment.  We do this by taking part in a variety of recycling initiatives.

Recycling you can support with:-
Textiles-We recycle a wide variety of textiles from old clothes to curtains.  They can be sent in in a carrier bag and put in our textiles recycling bin on site.  This will be collected by Newport City Council when full. They weigh what we collect and once we collect a certain weight the school is rewarded.

Batteries-Our battery recycling is an ongoing initiative but between January and June we are part of a battery recycling competition.  Batteries can be sent in to school and put in the battery recycling boxes located in the upper or lower halls.

Pens-Recycling pens that have run out is another initiative we are part of.  You can send in any used pens from home and they can be put in the pen recycling boxes in the upper or lower halls.

Other recycling initiatives we are part of:-
Paper-We have paper recycling bins throughout the school building and our own 'Green Team' are responsible for emptying these on a weekly basis ready for collection by Newport City Council.

Cardboard-All cardboard from delivery boxes and other sources is recycled and put in a large wheelie bin ready to be collected by Newport City Council.

Food waste-More recently we have begun recycling food waste in school.  We have a large wheelie bin which remains on the Foundation Phase yard and is predominantly used by the children for putting their fruit waste in. We also have smaller food caddies used during wet play in the Foundation Phase classrooms and for staff to recycle food waste in the staff room as well.