Year 6

Year 6 Theme overview


This week, Year 6 have learnt all about the first Christian martyr named Stephen. He was a very wise man and he loved God that much that he had died for his faith. We also have been reading a new Welsh book, it’s all about how different people celebrate all around the world! We have also made peg dolls for the craft fere, so make sure you come and buy some because they look absolutely amazing! Year 6 has also been preparing themselves for their presentation all about their topic, Skin Deep! All groups had a different topic, peer pressure, diet, exercise, smoking, mental health and drugs. Year 6 has had a very nice week and they are working very hard!


Friday 5th April 

Year 6 have been enjoying practising for their assemblies on Holy Week. They have also been researching things for their new topic called ‘Skin Deep.’ In R.E, they have also been learning all about the Holy Triduum and what all the days in Holy Week mean. Year 6 has also started reading a book called ‘Y Ras Feiciau’ in their Welsh lessons. In their math class, they have been learning how to do grid method multiplication and bus stop chunking division. This week has been filled with great activities for Year 6 to expand their mindset, they have had a fantastic week!



Friday 22nd March

Year 6 did an interesting Welsh Evacuee letter to their parents all about school in the Second World War (Ail Ryfel Byd). They also loved learning more about Lent and why we fast for it. Our new RE topic is called ‘Death And New Life’ this topic relates to Lent because Jesus had died on the cross close to this time so we could be sin free and 3 days later Jesus had risen from the dead. In GGR (Group Guided Reading) we are separated into reading groups and participate in different activities during the mornings for 30 minutes. One of our groups does Giglets an online reading website while another plays Campau Cosmig on an iPad.  Written by Katy and Gabby