Year 4

 Year 4 Theme overview


Year 4 has made delicious georgian cheese bread, they were very yummy. They had also learnt all about Pentecost, they had receivied the Holy Spirit and were able to spread God's word in all different languages! 



Friday 5th April

Year 4 have been learning all about friction and what surface slows down a car.

They also have been learning about forces in Techniquest and how it works.

They have  been learning about the station of the cross.

In maths, Year 4 have been learning all about decimal points.

In theme, Year 4 have been learning what drops faster. A scrunched up ball of paper or a normal piece of paper. Year 4 also been learning about magnets and how they attract together. The magnets have two sides, and if you put them together, they attract. If you put the same sides together, the will repel.

Year 4 have been coding with scratch and the scratch topic is called,’’lost in space’’.





Friday 22nd March

Year 4 have been learning about what Christians do during Lent time and what Lent means to them.

In theme we were investigating what surface made the car go furthest. In GGR, Year 4 do lots of activities like brain box, first news and maths for a warm up. Year 4 also did P.E with Mr Talbot on monday learning basketball and how to play. TWe have also been investigating about Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity. Written by Spencer