Year 2

Year 2 Theme overview 

Friday 17th May

This week Year 2 has been drawing ships in a bottle and writing messages. They have been planning their stories about pirates and learning about plastic in our oceans.  They also did maths no problem, They learnt about the Muslim faith. On their Theme day they dressed like they were on holiday. They are learning about welsh and helpwer heddiw board. . 

Friday 22nd March

They have been writing that they are in a snow globe and drawing a picture of themselves, of how it would be like in a snowglobe. They have been doing arts & crafts doing sea creatures also learning about sea pollution. They have been acting pirates and dressing up as them. Doing R.E about what happens in mass and writing together. Been writing in welsh and saying what they like. Learning about all the different topics. Learning about scrat to keep trying. Writing together a story with actions about a gingerbread man. Doing daffodils out of paper. Drawing their own maps. Working together great teamwork. Pretending to be pirates on a ship. Written by Hannah Year 5